With a legacy of pharmaceutical manufacturing of over 20 years, Nutrex Labs is our latest venture for neutraceutical manufacturing. With our 50 different products like painkillers, antibiotics, IVs, etc., we are now all set to provide the same quality within the herbal industry, too.

 NutraWhite is our very first product range under Nutrex Labs that’s been a complete success for over last 4 years now. Our 24/7 online presence and great customer services have allowed us to reign over the online glutathione market, making us the most reliable online store for glutathione capsules and creams.

 Nutrex Labs is not your average herbal company; we are extremely innovative and competent and our products are made out of the highest-grade ingredients, just like our NutraWhite capsules that are made out of premium glutathione without any harmful ingredients, like steroids, starch, or additives.

 Order NutraWhite glutathione capsules with full confidence because we are determined to offer you only the best quality glutathione products.

Office location: Basement, Ikram Medical Complex, Opp. Eden Avenue extension, Airport Road, Lahore.